Learning a language can be overwhelming at times

Sometimes you:

❌ feel stuck
❌ don’t feel like practicing
❌ don’t know what to study
❌ are just so busy with everything else in life

Introducing the I Can Speak Spanish Podcast

✔️ Your personal Spanish program to keep you consistently learning and having fun

Our method is the #1 way to learn to speak Spanish faster

A ton of effort goes into learning a new language. Don’t let it go to waste. Our program helps you learn at a level that’s right for you.

I Can Speak Spanish members get access to:

  • 60+ hours of audio episodes!
  • New audio episodes from native Spanish speakers every 2 weeks
  • Line by line breakdowns of the stories in English and in Spanish
  • Full transcripts of every episode
  • Note taking so you can improve your memory
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Make progress in days, not weeks 🚀

We help you identify your strengths and weaknesses to accelerate your learning.

Here’s a sample of new episodes members get access to each month:

Who is it for?

If you are an:

✔️ intermediate or advanced learner (B1, B2, or C1) looking to improve your Spanish
✔️ advanced beginner (A2) with a large vocabulary of basic words and phrases

Or if you want to:

  • communicate better when traveling ✈️
  • communicate better with family and friends 👪
  • increase your job opportunities 🏢
  • learn for self-improvement purposes 💡
  • keep your mind sharp 🧠

Or if you’ve ever said:

💬 “I don’t feel confident enough for speaking yet.”
💬 “I know basic words and phrases but can’t hold a conversation.”
💬 “I’m afraid of making mistakes.”

This is the right program for you!

You get to listen to interesting stories from Spanish speakers all over the world

Hearing different people speak about various topics will tremendously improve your listening skills.

Conversations in the real world aren’t as structured as learning in a classroom setting. There are many ways to say the same thing. Learning different variations will help you understand more in everyday conversations.

You get to practice speaking in a safe environment

For some people, speaking is scary as they don’t want to make mistakes or don’t feel confident enough. We help you unlock your speaking potential in a safe learning environment.

  1. We break down each line from the stories in English.
  2. We give you time to say the line out loud in Spanish.
  3. Afterwards, we tell you the correct response for the line in Spanish.

You can improve your pronunciation

Click on the timestamps within our transcripts to replay parts of episodes and work on imitating the speaker’s pronunciation, rhythm, and flow.

You can follow along with transcripts

We provide a transcript for every episode. You can listen to episodes while following along with the transcript or you can read the transcript before or after listening.

You can expand your vocabulary

Our line by line breakdowns in English and Spanish help build your vocabulary. A larger vocabulary allows you to express yourself better by choosing the right word or phrase in situations.

You can take notes to improve your memory

Use our note taking tool when you want to review certain sections. It’s easy to view, print, and download your notes.

You can learn at any time from any place

Some people prefer to learn in the morning during their commute while others prefer to learn at night. With I Can Speak Spanish, you can listen to episodes at any time from your computer, tablet, phone, or podcast app.

With I Can Speak Spanish, you can…

  • Listen to new episodes released every 2 weeks 👂
  • Use our line by line breakdowns in English and in Spanish 🔑
  • Follow along with full transcripts 📄
  • Improve your memory with our note taking tool ✏️

You can listen to episodes at any time from your computer, tablet, phone, or podcast app.

What our listeners are saying

“I stumbled upon this podcast while I was looking for better ways to improve my Spanish, and I’m blown away. This is a must listen for anyone looking to better their Spanish speaking and listening skills.”

How much does I Can Speak Spanish cost?

We offer multiple plans so you can select the one that best fits your needs. We´d love to have you as a member and hope you enjoy listening to our episodes.

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